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Bring some common sense to the Cannabis debate

Legalise Cannabis Victoria has called for reform of how the Victorian Legislative Council is elected.

“LCV supports the abolition of Group Voting Tickets and the introduction of a rort-free system of proportional representation” said LCP candidate for the Western Metropolitan Region David Ettershank.

“Legalise Cannabis Victoria has worked hard to negotiate preferences with other parties who will support Cannabis reform in Victoria and bring some common sense to the Cannabis debate but we don’t ‘pay to play’”

“We feel really sorry for people who think they are genuinely voting for a particular cause when the Druery business model means their preferences will be funnelled to the biggest paying minor parties”. said LCP candidate for the South-Eastern Metropolitan Region Rachel Payne

Over 600,000 Victorians over the age of 14 consumed cannabis in the last 12 months – more than one in ten- and the law treats them like they are criminals” 1

“We don’t want, and we don’t need the likes of Mr Druery or his business model.”

It’s time to end prohibition

Leaked ‘preference whisperer’ video goes viral 

In other news:

Legalise Cannabis Victoria has release their first ad for the campaign and it’s a cracker.

See Legalise Cannabis Victoria. Vote to Legalise Cannabis 2022 (

or Legalise Cannabis Victoria: Look for the LEAF on the ballot – YouTube

A reminder that Legalise Cannabis Victoria will be launching its Campaign for the Victorian Election on 18 November at 12 noon outside the Victorian County Court (cnr of Lonsdale and William St).

Media release LCVic Party 17/11/2022

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1. ABS Alcohol, tobacco & other drugs in Australia August 2022 – For people aged 14 and over in Australia in 2019, 36% had consumed cannabis in their lifetime and 11.6% had used cannabis in the prior 12 months.


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