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Federal Election 2022

For more campaign information and donation instructions for the Victorian State Election.


You can safely vote in the polling booth and nobody will know, so you won’t lose your job.

Look for the leaf on the Senate Ballot Paper at the next federal election.

Our private and peaceful protest for the personal use of pot.

The Party appreciates your donation for candidate nomination fees and campaign funding.






The Project

How Clive Palmer’s next meeting with his financial adviser might go | 7.30

Andrew Bolt – Medical cannabis driving laws are a ‘big problem’: Bladerstone

Increasing voter support to decriminalise cannabis | 9 News Australia

HOW TO VOTE – On the wide & white SENATE BALLOT PAPER.

Look for the leaf above the line
1 Write 1 in the box
? Select at least six boxes
2 3 4 5 6 Number them in the order of your choice

The Cannabis leaf is a symbol for those who value truth and personal freedom.
It means that you should be able to grow, buy and use Cannabis as you think fit. Hon Dr Brian Walker MLC LCWA Party

Candidates 2022


Above the line
Number at least 6 boxes for parties or groups in the order of your choice (with number 1 as your first choice).

Below the line
Number at least 12 boxes for individual candidates in the order of your choice (with number 1 as your first choice).

You can number as many additional boxes as you choose when voting either above the line (i.e. more than six boxes) or below the line (i.e. more than twelve boxes).

Practice Senate voting.

Party Policies:

Many voters don’t know about the Legalise Party. Some ask about our other policies or want to know about our opinion on issues other than Cannabis.

Officially we have no other policies but Cannabis legalisation will have far reaching consequences for the whole planet.

When tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is declassified there will be freedom for a plant that once was the most widely used for everything including food and shelter.

Petrochemical, coal, cotton, wood-pulp, soybean, pharmaceuticals, alcohol and other industries will have to compete with Cannabis after prohibition is repealed.

Relaxing the laws for ‘hemp’ will make it easier to cultivate and help offset the effects of climate change.

Voting Preferences

On the large white senate ballot paper we say vote 1 Legalise and choose 6 parties above the line to number them in the order that you like.

Sounds easy, but there are too many ways to upset voters by telling them how to vote and encouraging people to think for themselves is healthy for democracy.

Other Party Policy for Cannabis Legalisation

Where do the other parties stand on Cannabis or other illegal substances? Well, here’s a quick rundown:


Look for the leaf

• Allow Home Grown
• Cheaper Medicine
• Change Driving Laws
• Expunge Convictions
• Relax Hemp Rules
• Save Our Planet

The Party appreciates your donation for candidate nomination fees and campaign funding.

LOOK for the LEAF

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