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Nigel Quinlan: Candidate for Longman

Nigel Quinlan, a Queenslander, through and through.

Born in Mackay, he attended seven different Primary Schools in Central Queensland and Brisbane and two High Schools in Brisbane and Toowoomba. He enjoys making music, keeping fit and kicking goals. After finishing High School he worked for AMP but was made redundant after 2 years. He has worked as a cleaner at various Brisbane Primary and State High Schools.

Nigel lost his last job because of cannabis possession for personal use offences. He has faced court several times on similar charges which destroyed his career and his ability to be a productive tax-paying member of society. He knows firsthand how these laws can destroy people’s lives.

After attending his first Beyond Prohibition MardiGrass in Nimbin 1993, Nigel has been involved in grass roots activism through petitions, university stalls, street marches and in the last five years he has been doing musical theatre and singing drug war redemption songs with people of different abilities and the homeless.

Nigel Quinlan changed name to Nigel Freemarijuana in 1996 and ran for the first time that year in the Lytton By-Election. He has also run in five other elections, Federal and State, for the HEMP Party, The Greens and as an Independent.

In 2000, after the Ryan federal bi-election, the electoral office took his name off the electoral roll. He was able to appeal that decision and consequently run with the name Freemarijuana on the roll. After 2003 he took a pause from running into the wall of politics but after having recently been arrested yet again, he is coming back into the fray due to nothing having changed.

Nigel was the Legalise Cannabis Queensland Party candidate for Inala in the 2020 QLD state election.

He wants to see cannabis legalised so that economic and social resources can be channeled in a more productive and healthy way. He believes other social and economic issues would receive adequate funding if the drug war was not being over-resourced.

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