hemp for cheaper housing-prices

Housing prices are going through the roof

Not only housing costs have gone up, it’s the products that can’t be sourced, neither can staff, nor transport and no accommodation for rural building.

Many builders have gone bust owing many contractors many dollars. Mismanagement of forestry and industry has exacerbated the problem for the housing industry.

Tradies have left their trades to work less and make more on the mining sites, or they just have no work, and it’s affecting their mental health condition.

There are increases in domestic violence, homelessness, physical health problems, less community engagement and the list of impacts to social welfare goes on.

I’d also add, for the farmers and for the animals and the soil. Better feed more regularly and at a cheaper cost for wild hemp.

Better, happier, healthier animals makes for a better food chain and overall health. Australia has very little topsoil left, much less any decent topsoil.

Hemp can help.

We will, save. Our planet. Ending Cannabis prohibition will address many of these issues.

I’m in this for our planet, for our species, for our future, for my health, and, most importantly to me, my family.

Industrial hemp harvest

Aaron Peet Legalise Cannabis Party Federal Senate Candidate for WA | Facebook

#Look for the leaf above the line on the Senate Ballot Paper in your state or territory. VOTE 1 Legalise Cannabis Australia. Select at least six parties. Number them in the order of your choice. The only preferences that count are the numbers that you the voter write on the ballot paper yourself.

How to vote Legalise Party WA

Aaron PEET

Aaron lives on the family farm in Pemberton in the Southern Forests of Western Australia. He is a regenerative farmer, small business owner, shop owner, truck driver, therapist, community volunteer and father.

After being prescribed copious amounts of opiates for a broken spine along with other medication to counteract the problems caused by said opiates (whilst still taking the opiates), Aaron was a zombie, still inflicted with debilitating pain and the side-effects of the ‘medication’ prescribed and freely given on the PBS. He sought a better outcome.

After a chance encounter with a fabulous ‘apocatherapist’ who took Aaron under their wing, he learnt much and became medication free, healthier, happier, with more energy and was generally a better person. He studied more and the more he learnt, the less impressed he was with the ‘powers-that-be’.

“We have been demonising and restricting a plant that has more applications than any other and was widely used for generations”.

Not just for getting ‘stoned’, but for building. Building health, building ships, building houses, building clothes, building materials. If elected Aaron will not only work tirelessly to legalise and decriminalise, but to get Hemp back into the food chain. Back to building our health as a strong nation.

By building health and buying resilience we can remove reliance on copious amounts of pharmaceuticals and fossil fuels. By opening up industry and innovation, rebuilding our soil health and increasing quality of food it will make it easier to look after ourselves. Cutting back on government interference with our lives. For a happier, healthier, better life for all.

How Cannabis Can Transform Australia

What are preference deals?

Preference deals are the agreements between political parties on where to number each other on how-to-vote cards.

These do not have a direct impact on your vote unless you choose to follow them.

The only preferences that count are the numbers that the voter writes on the ballot paper, by the voter themselves.

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