How you can help in the state election

Voters in Victoria go to the polls

We’ve all been inspired by the federal election result where Legalise Cannabis received over 500,000 primary votes and quite a bit of attention on the topic which is now increasingly being discussed in the news. We aim to keep the momentum going.

The Victorian State Election is the next cab off the rank and is on very soon, Saturday 26 November. The recently registered Legalise Cannabis Victoria Party needs support for their campaign. We hope you might be able to help.

 LCVic intends to nominate candidates in each state region to elect members into the upper house of Victorian Parliament. And a couple of candidates in the lower house also.

The group-voting-ticket method is still used in Victoria. There’s a chance to repeat the Western Australian result and elect more Legalise Cannabis members into state parliament.

Any support from interstate members will be appreciated. Sharing posts across social media will help attract more votes.

Join the state group on Facebook that will help coordinate the campaign and follow the candidates.  Legalise Cannabis Victoria Party (LCVic) | Facebook

You can follow a Facebook page too that’s planning to run campaign advertisements.  Legalise Cannabis Victoria Party | Facebook

Sponsor a Corflute” is a virtual fundraising platform for distributing campaign material to Legalise Cannabis candidates and their volunteers.

There’s a maximum donation of $4,320 for Victorian political parties and the federal party has already reached the limit.


Get Involved  

Please help us by donating to our election campaign. Money will be used to assist with nomination fees for candidates and promotional materials for the Victorian State Election on the 26th of November 2022.

For more campaign information and donation instructions.


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