Retaining Registration as a Political Party

November 2021: There are two important hurdles ahead.

In early September 2021, new legislation made it more difficult to remain registered as a federal political party in Australia.

All non-Parliamentary parties were given 3 months to provide a spreadsheet of at least 1,500 members including their name, address, date-of-birth and contact details.

Coincidentally, we became; Legalise Cannabis Australia when the Party Constitution was amended at the Annual General Meeting on 11 September 2021.

Federal membership has grown as SA, Victoria and NSW attempt state party registration. New members can join their state and the federal party from either website.

The new name, Legalise Cannabis Australia, will become listed on December 20 or soon thereafter. The review of Party membership is due on December 2.

Perfect match

When your voter details match the electoral roll, that makes you a logical choice for the membership review by the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC).

You could be one of 60 members randomly selected to verify your membership. Being prepared for the event will help the Party pass the test. 

The basic scenario 

  • AEC: Hello (Party Member), I am contacting you from the Australian Electoral Commission to check on your Party membership. Are you a member of Legalise Cannabis Australia?
  • YOU: Yes, I am a member of Legalise Cannabis Australia.
  • AEC: Thank you. That’s all I need to know.
  • YOU: Thank you.
  • AEC: Good bye.
  • YOU: Good bye.

AEC Rules: Maintaining party registration.

Doing your duty for the Party.

It is a time to be fearless and think of Cannabis law reform when bureaucracy randomly calls you to verify your membership.

Let’s hope the 60 random members can put the Party first, be polite and save their passion for the campaign ahead.

The AEC will be following their procedure and making sure our members are eligible to vote and not just copied from the phone book.

You can find your voter details online at;


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