Legalise Cannabis Victoria Party Registers For State Election

It’s Official –Cannabis Is On The Ballot

The Victorian Electoral Commission has officially confirmed the registration of the Legalise Cannabis Victoria Party ahead of the upcoming November state election.

Legalise Cannabis Party Secretary Craig Ellis said that recent federal election results, where the party achieved over half a million votes nationally, had significantly boosted membership, and as a result, they were ready to field candidates for the Victorian state poll.

“Legalising cannabis is now a mainstream issue in Australia – an issue that’s time has well and truly come”, Mr Ellis said.

“A significant amount of the public now supports the legalising of cannabis for adult use and the expansion of the availability of medicinal cannabis products. We have seen that support translate into votes at the ballot box and feel confident that Victorians will embrace the party at the state election in November.”

At last year’s Western Australian state election, which operates under an almost identical system of group ticket voting for the Legislative Council in Victoria, the party managed to win two Upper House seats – this despite a Labor landslide.

The party hopes to repeat that feat again with Mr Ellis indicating that the party intends to run a ticket of candidates in all eight electorates for the Legislative Council in Victoria.

The Legalise Cannabis Party has a chance in any electorate for the Upper House,” he said.

“We will be announcing some outstanding candidates over the coming weeks and are buoyed by the interest we have had from individuals wanting to take our positive message of cannabis legalisation to the electorate – and ultimately into the Victorian State Parliament.”

The Victorian state election will be conducted on Saturday November 26.

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