My question without notice

Hon Dr Brian Walker MLC – Legalise Cannabis WA

My question without notice is to the people across all of Australia.

Being aware that many signatures are needed to form a Party, and without the support of a broad range of voters, access to Cannabis in your State will be severely limited and remain illegal.

My question to you is;

1. Are you aware that Legalise cannabis Parties exist throughout Australia?

2. Are you aware that becoming active in these Parties is essential to obtaining a voice in Parliament to speak for you?

3. Have you already signed up to join Legalise Cannabis Party in your State, and if not why not?

Become a member online

WE NEED YOU. Cannabis law reform will only be achieved if we organise and make the politicians take notice.

Hon Dr Brian Walker MLC – Legalise Cannabis WA, is a member of the Legislative Council representing the East Metropolitan Region in Western Australia.

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