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No ceasefire in the Drug Wars

Has anyone heard the drug war mentioned in this election campaign?

Cannabiz wrote to all parties but neither Labor or Liberals even replied. The Greens have good policies but aside from a low key launch in Nimbin I haven”t read a word from them since about it.

No one wants to be accused of being soft on drugs. The bullies have won. There has been endless opportunities on the news, as usual. Gangland murders, huge crop busts, more police powers in NSW to deal with gangs dealing drugs.

Homelessness! It’s like we won’t look deeper at causes, root causes. Keep it all superficial and don’t question the status quo.

The Legalise Party has thousands of members and will get plenty of votes in the safe anonymity of the polling booth but will it make any difference?

No grow zone

If you live in Canberra you can grow two plants but anywhere else in Australia be prepared for your neighbour to call the police on you.

Many police are apologetic about busting you these days but no chance the police union will support change, their jobs are at stake.

Half police work emanates from the drug war.

Most jail inmates are there because of the war. Arrest rates are higher than ever and the police seem to have convinced themselves they are doing great work, day after day risking their lives so Big Pharma can control the pain relief market.

The Legalise Party candidates standing across Australia for the Senate are mostly serious medical users who discovered nothing else helps their chronic back pain, or Tourettes, or migraines, or PTSD, anxiety and depression like this simple age old God given medicine can.

Many are jobless because of their condition so can’t be sacked for putting their hand up. Campaigners have been searched by police while on the job this week and watched their posters get torn down in front of them and screwed up by dangerously ignorant right-wing fascists.

Not many people want to be public on this issue, understandably, yet millions of us are toking on a joint in the evening, or pulling a bong just to get the day started.

It’s all medical, make no mistake about it.

Just like the antidepressants taken everyday by millions of Aussies. Big Pharmas weed alternative! For fifty years I have watched the various campaigns trying to legalise weed but these days it’s different. There might be legal weed available, but no ones allowed to drive, legal or not.

Ten nanograms of weed in your saliva, that’s ten parts per billion, and automatic loss of licence for 3 months where I live in Nimbin. People stopped going out, get Coles to deliver. Others hitch but most of us try and clean our mouth so as not to come up positive on the spit test.

Clean your teeth well, suck on lollies. Coke kills it, lots of stuff does the job it seems, but nothing is guaranteed because the tests are not guaranteed.

Drug war casualties

Maybe only 80% some research says.”No worries, we know the test is not proof,” say the cops. “That’s why we do another test.” That’s when they arrest you and take you to the bus or station for a bigger spit sample.

But even if you are positive then, and many aren’t, you are still not charged, just can’t drive for 24 hours. It’s the third test that claims your licence. Scientific evidence!

The second spit sample is sent to a lab for a third test and anything over ten nanograms is your licence gone. Unless you challenge them in court which I recommend. Unless you actually were impaired! But the test is nothing to with impairment which would be fair enough. It stinks.

And bad laws just breed disrespect.

That why we are asking people to vote one Legalise Cannabis Australia for the Senate, just to send a message to the rulers of the importance of Cannabis law reform for so many people. It’s hard for criminals to speak openly about their crime!.

Michael Balderstone – Senate Candidate – Legalise Cannabis Australia

Measuring Impairment

#LookForTheLeaf above the line on the Senate Ballot Paper in your state or territory.
VOTE 1 #Legalise Cannabis.

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How to vote: Look for the leaf above the line. Write 1 in the the box. Select at least six parties. Number them in the order of your choice.

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