Not many sleeps to go on the campaign trail

Thanks very much for helping online and offline during the federal election campaign.

Elissa Smith and Ben Howman are on the campaign trail with their family of corflutes. They’re also building state party membership to register Legalise Cannabis Victoria in time for the November state election. Click on ‘Join’ if you’re a Victorian who can be relied upon to help end prohibition. You could become a candidate in November and put yourself in the picture.

Ben Howman has been saying; “Your number one vote will show the government how many people support us. Your number 2 vote will flow through to your personal party of choice.”

Ellisa Smith senate candidate

Voters take notice

Many consumers feel threatened by the consequences of breaking the law. Some use for medical, personal or both purposes and most of them struggle to pay for a lawful supply of medicine, often resorting to the black market or they simply don’t qualify for medicine under the current regime.

We know about home growing in other countries and how their regulated market and its source of revenue is helping treat poor health conditions rather than trying to enforce prohibition and treat sick people as criminals.

Driving laws need changing because there is no allowable limit or standard way of measuring impairment like there is with alcohol. Our candidates are receiving positive responses at the early voting centres when they see the leaf.

Lance Lawrence in the NT is telling voters they will get real relief when they vote 1 the leaf. There are plenty of excellent photos of our candidates and supporters with the large ‘corflutes’ and posters.

This campaign has struggled through C19 complications and floods washed-out the heartland of supporters in the Northern Rivers. Our determination to end prohibition is unlikely to wane with a bit more rain, although it is predicted.

PM Material – Nigel Quinlan is determined on his quest to win the balance of power in federal parliament. He has stamped his name on the Personal Health Plan and is out selling the concept to the voters in Longman, Queensland. He’s our only lower house candidate and the Nigel4PM tag is attracting the swing voters.

A campaign picture paints a thousand words!

Legalise Cannabis Australia encourages all businesses to display our campaign material on their premises. Especially those businesses who will benefit directly or indirectly from a regulated market. It’s in your own best interests to send a clear message to policy-makers in government about what will undoubtedly be good for your business.

This last week of the campaign has more rain coming in the east and west of our now not so sunburnt country. Please do whatever you can to promote the election campaign in the final stretch.  Sharing online content is most suitable for staying high and dry. 

Michelle Stanvic is canvassing Cannabis law reform in our capital city where two plants from illegal seed and no legal sales is the closest thing we have to sanity in our legislation.

The featured image is Michelle’s running mate Dr. Andrew Katelaris who is is looking casual in his crusade on behalf of the Cannabis genus. Senator material indeed.

Find each state and territory’s social media links on their page.

Volunteers can print their own campaign material both from the website and via their Facebook group. 

Printing Campaign Material

Candidates are listed with links to the how-to-vote information from the Election Page

Federal Election 2022

The campaign song

#LookForTheLeaf above the line on the Senate Ballot Paper in your state or territory.  

Write 1 in the box. Select at least six parties. Number them in the order of your choice. 

The only preferences that count are the numbers that a voter writes on the ballot paper. 

Personal Health Plan


#LookForTheLeaf above the line on the Senate Ballot Paper in your state or territory.
VOTE 1 #Legalise Cannabis.

Legalise how to vote

What are preference deals?
Preference deals are the agreements between political parties on where to number each other on how-to-vote cards.

The cards do not have a direct impact on your vote unless you choose to follow them.

The only preferences that count are the numbers that YOU the voter writes on the ballot paper. Choose your own ‘preferences’.

Candidates 2022

Party Pages

Personal Health Plan

A Personal Health Plan for cheaper medicine with easier access for a better quality of life, that will save your money and give you the freedom of choice to grow your own.

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