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Party ready for the Federal Election

Nimbin’s MardiGrass might be postponed but not the Federal Election expected now on May 14.

Legalise Cannabis (formerly the HEMP Party) has plans to run senate candidate across Australia and in some lower house seats.

“How many local representatives we run depends on how much money we can raise,” said president Michael Balderstone. “The senate candidates are pretty well sorted and we’ve had a lot of members apply to run across the country for the lower house also.”

Driving Change

“There are two major driving forces behind our passion for change and one is the actual driving laws with their saliva testing and instant loss of licence for just the presence of cannabis, nothing to do with impairment at all.”

“Even legally prescribed medical cannabis patients are not allowed to drive which has severely limited its uptake. We are the only country on the planet with driving laws as harsh and unreal as this yet nobody seems to hear the multitude of voices calling for change.”

“The other bugbear for cannabis users is not being allowed to grow our own medicine. Millions of every day Australians could so easily grow their own plants instead of pouring millions of dollars every week into the blackmarket. An ounce of pot, four grams a day for a week, is used by many people and costs about $350.”

“No wonder some people choose to be pain free but homeless, spending their rent money on medicine they know works for them. I personally know people in this boat and many many pension and unemployment cheques are sunk straight into the blackmarket every week.”

Drug War Casualties

“I personally think it’s scandalous that our arrest and prison rates remain as high or higher than ever despite endless evidence now that the war on drugs has failed and in fact is causing massive social damage. There is living proof now overseas that ending prohibition of cannabis for a start lessens suicides, opiate overdoses, car accidents and so on. But it also lessens pharmaceutical use and therein lies the problem. The war on drugs is Big Pharmas war, make no mistake about it. They maintain it and they profit from it enormously.”


Save Our Planet Now

“The other issue close to the heart of Legalise Cannabis is the potential of this one plant to help save the Planet. We forget it was the most grown and useful plant on the Earth until a couple of hundred years ago. It’s healthier for the soil than cotton and in fact any crop as it needs so few chemicals. It’s seed is a superfood and it’s fibre unique in strength and length while it’s flowers make the safest and most useful medicine in nature. Plus it’s extremely fast growing and ideal for sequestering carbon.”

“And most important of all, it’s consciousness changing, eye opening, enlightening, it can wake people up to the Truth which is exactly what we need! And why it was called Gods Gift for millennia in the East.”

Federal Election 2022

The Provisional Legalise Cannabis Senate Candidates are; 

Candidates 2022

Voters don’t need to be in fear of the stigma or losing their job in the privacy of the voting booth when they write 1 next to the Cannabis leaf. Then you can choose your own preferences to send a clear message to the government policy makers. It’s a private and peaceful protest for the personal use of pot!


Help us help the plant to save our planet

We’re looking for people to join the volunteers group and let us know if you can help during the federal election in your state, on election day but also in the pre poll booths. It can be a fun day!

Please join the Facebook group. Volunteers 2022 Legalise Cannabis Australia | Facebook

Any donations are greatly needed and appreciated and enable us to run more candidates… legalise.org.au/donate

Michael Balderstone
President Nimbin HEMP Embassy & Legalise Cannabis Australia


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