Ready to roll for the federal election

Legalise Cannabis Australia is ready to roll for the federal election. 

The Australian Electoral Commission approved of the membership and the new Party name in December 2021.

Thanks to our secretary James Kingsbury who spent three months in his shed in the woods getting our rego application right.

South Australia will have their state election on 19 March and the recently formed Legalise Cannabis SA Party will appreciate all the support they can receive.

The federal election campaign is likely to begin soon after. We’ll have senate candidates and perhaps some in lower house electorates.

Please send your nomination via the website Preselection page if you would like to run as a federal candidate.

Volunteers for the election campaign can also register online and find their state group on Facebook.

Your State

Queensland and Western Australian have state election campaign experience and can act as state branches of the federal party during the campaign period.

Legalise Cannabis Queensland (party)

Legalise Cannabis Western Australia Party

The state election in South Australia will be a challenge for the new LCSA Party and their experience will help with the federal campaign too.

Legalise Cannabis South Australia Party

New South Wales is almost on the board as a state registered party, currently our application is under their microscope. The federal campaign will help to prepare for next year’s state election.

Legalise Cannabis NSW Party (LCNSW)

Victoria will have a state election in November. More members are needed for Party registration.

Legalise Cannabis Victoria Party (LCVic)

Legalise Party Tasmania

Please join the federal group too.

Legalise Party

Campaign Trail

Facebook groups have helped coordinate previous campaigns and continue to be the best option for organising volunteers.

The federal website is being prepared for the election campaign and expanding content now the new party name is official.

Any help in attracting campaign donations will be greatly appreciated and accrue awesome good karma in my opinion. 

That’s considering this is a very special, or if you like, sacred plant which could just about save the planet on its own if given the chance.

We need $32K in fees alone to run federal senate candidates in each state and territory for the election. 

Two big issues that remain at the forefront of our campaign. The right to grow our own, and to be able to drive.

Yours sincerely
Michael Balderstone
Party President


Federal Election 2022

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