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Senate Candidates Selected

The Party is preparing for the election with a list of provisional federal senate candidates.

There are two in each state and territory for the minimum requirement to provide every Australian voter with the opportunity to support Cannabis law reform in the privacy of the polling booth.

Voters won’t be in fear of losing their job when they write 1 in the box next to the Cannabis leaf.

Provisional Candidates – Legalise Cannabis Australia

The election is very likely to be called in early April for a May polling day. Many votes will come via early voting centres and in the mail. We will soon know how the South Australian state election results translate to the federal election. HEMP also attracted just over 2% primary senate votes in SA and NSW at the 2019 election.

Two percent of the senate vote does have a place in negotiating with other parties on new legislation. Hopefully we can get much more when voters understand they are sending a direct message to the law-makers, they have to listen and the votes are purely Cannabis.

Coming across

A major difficulty in campaigning for Cannabis law reform is the inherent mental health status that prohibition and ‘reefer madness’ has imposed upon ‘stoners’. Whatever point you may have is easily disregarded by those who oppose Cannabis law reform because you’re crazy by association. Senate Candidates are asking voters for a mental health assessment, especially from those who don’t quite understand that voting for Cannabis is only to change the law, not run the country.

Wanted for Cannabis

The Party needs your volunteer support for the campaign and polling day. Truth is, people change their minds or may not have their minds made up even as they approach the polling booth or early voting venues. Having volunteers there to talk to them and tell them a vote for a minor party is NOT a wasted vote – putting us at 1 and your favourite at 2, CAN REALLY MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

Basically we need to be allowed to grow our own medicine, as they can in Canberra, only more, ten plants please, some like the ‘grape theory’. The ACT is the example of how a regulated market can’t happen without federal laws to collect revenue from a legal supplier.

The saliva testing of drivers has to be stopped. It must be about impairment, not the mere presence of THC which might have been consumed days before.

Help Us to Help You

Please join the volunteers group and let us know if you can help during the federal election in your state.

Members who want to help at early voting centres or on voting day should contact us today.

You can have a lot of fun on this duty!

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Yours sincerely,
Michael Balderstone – Party President
Peace, Love and Cannabis

Legalise Cannabis Party

Senate Candidates Selected

PS. The plan is to provide you with corflutes if not posters about to go to the printer now. If you can’t help there, we urgently need donations. Seriously!

Nimbin’s HEMP Embassy, the Party’s main contributor previously, has had a hard year with the lack of tourists in the pandemic and now the flood.

Any donations are greatly appreciated. Click here.

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