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New South Wales Legalise Party

New South Wales

If you really want to see cannabis law reform, we need to pull together and make sure a Legalise Cannabis Party is on the ballot at every election.


Legalise Cannabis Queensland believes law reform does not have to be complicated and the ‘Grape Theory’ is the basis at state level.

South Australia

Our aim, is in trying to build and register a political party to raise awareness of the issue of Cannabis law reform and normalise the idea of legalised Cannabis.

Legalise Tasmania


The Legalise Party has a State Branch in Tasmania to campaign locally for Cannabis law reform in the medical, recreational and industrial use of the whole plant.

Legalise Cannabis Victoria Party (LCVic)


We are looking forward to building our Victorian membership, and putting the issue of Cannabis Law reform on the table.

Western Australia

The Legalise Cannabis WA Party emerged from the groundswell of success had by her sister Party in Qld in their state election.

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Australian Capital Territory

Political Party to re-legalise and regulate personal, medical and industrial use. Reduce harm, create jobs and save money!

Northern Territory

LOOK FOR THE LEAF in all States and Territories of Australia on election day. Send a clear message to policy-makers from the privacy of a polling booth near you. SENATE BALLOT PAPER – How to vote: Look for the leaf above the line. Write 1 in the the box. Select at least six parties. Number …

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