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If you really want to see cannabis law reform, we need to pull together and make sure a Legalise Cannabis Party is on the ballot at every election.

BUT we can’t do this without your help.

Think we can’t make a difference? In WA, we managed to get two Legalise Cannabis candidates elected to that state’s parliament back in March 2021.

We can do that all around Australia but only if we get a party registered in time…and we were running out of time, but not anymore.

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Federal Election 2022

Ramon Granados from Hemp Engineering interviews Michael Balderstone, Senate Candidate.

How to vote Legalise Party NSW

How to vote: Look for the leaf above the line. Write 1 in the the box. Select at least six parties. Number them in the order of your choice.  

Federal Candidates 
Michael Balderstone on Facebook


Gail Hester – Legalise Cannabis Australia Senate Candidate for NSW | Facebook


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Growing Low THC Hemp under licence in NSW

The introduction of a licensing scheme under the Hemp industry Act 2008 will allow farmers in NSW to grow low THC crops for fibre and oil production while limiting the risk to law enforcement.

It is an offence under the Drug Misuse and Trafficking Act 1985 to possess low THC hemp unless it was cultivated or supplied under authority of the Hemp Industry Act 2008.

Those wishing to grow low-THC hemp should be aware that the environmental assessment and approval process applies to the low-THC hemp industry, in addition to NSW DPI’s licensing requirements. Low THC hemp plant material cannot be fed to livestock.

Cannabis and cannabis products for therapeutic purposes

The NSW Government is committed to developing a better understanding of the potential for cannabis and/or cannabis products to alleviate symptoms or potentially treat a range of debilitating or terminal illnesses.


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