Legalise Cannabis Victoria Party (LCVic)

It’s Official –Cannabis Is On The Ballot

The Victorian Electoral Commission has officially confirmed the registration of the Legalise Cannabis Victoria Party ahead of the upcoming November state election.

For more campaign information and donation instructions.

How you can help in the state election

Legalise Cannabis Victoria Party | Facebook

Welcome to the LCVic Party Facebook group.

This is where we can stay in touch with our membership and we encourage you to take an active role in making this a friendly place where we share news and info, opinions, events and missions.

We aim to get active long BEFORE the state election in 2022. As most of you know the first of the Legalise Cannabis State Parties was born in Queensland.

They contested an election in Oct 2020 with just 23 candidates gaining up to 5.5% of the primary vote in one seat and over 4% in several others. Incredible results for a newly registered party contesting its first election.

The LCWA Party was the next birth in our family and they were up and registered within weeks following the success of Qld.

They in turn have had amazing results and are looking down the barrel of possibly 2 seats in the WA Upper House.

Nothing short of miraculous for a single issue party.

This is because our “single issue” reaches into so many other policy areas that we are all pretty passionate about .. health, law and order, the economy the environment, human rights .. the list goes on !!

We are looking forward to building our Victorian membership, and putting the issue of Cannabis Law reform on the table.

Our aim is to tackle Cannabis Law Reform and bring about changes that will allow affordable and safe access to cannabis for all who want or need to use it!

We sincerely hope you will join us to help make this happen.

How to vote Legalise Party Victoria

How to vote: Look for the leaf above the line. Write 1 in the the box. Select at least six parties. Number them in the order of your choice.  

Elissa Smith – Legalise Cannabis Australia – Senate Candidate | Facebook


Wayne Taylor – Legalise Cannabis Australia – Senate Candidate | Facebook


Legalise Party Victoria

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Legalise Cannabis Victoria Party (LCVic) | Facebook


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Industrial Hemp Victoria

In 1998, Victoria became the first Australian State to pass legislation permitting growers, under licence, to grow industrial hemp.

The Access to Medicinal Cannabis Act 2016 passed the Victorian Parliament on 12 April 2016, enabling access to medicinal cannabis to defined groups of patients.

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