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The Legalise Cannabis Western Australia Party emerged from the groundswell of success had by her sister Party in Qld in their election in October 2020.

The Legalise Cannabis Qld (LCQ) Party was the first in a proposed nation wide network of state parties whose policies are flow on effects from its basic platform – that of legalising cannabis for all its uses.

Legalise Party WA how to vote

The Cannabis leaf is a symbol for those who value truth and personal freedom.
It means that you should be able to grow, buy and use Cannabis as you think fit. Hon Dr Brian Walker MLC LCWA Party

Hon Dr Brian Walker MLC – Legalise Cannabis WA Party

Being aware that many signatures are needed to form a Party, and without the support of a broad range of voters, access to Cannabis in your State will be severely limited and remain illegal.

My question to you is;

1. Are you aware that Legalise Cannabis Parties exist throughout Australia?

2. Are you aware that becoming active in these Parties is essential to obtaining a voice in Parliament to speak for you?

3. Have you already signed up to join Legalise Cannabis Party in your State, and if not why not?

Legalise Cannabis Western Australia Party | Facebook

Legalise Cannabis Western Australia Party | Facebook Group

Brian Walker on Facebook


Sophia Moermond on Facebook




How to vote Legalise Party WA

How to vote: Look for the leaf above the line. Write 1 in the the box. Select at least six parties. Number them in the order of your choice.

Federal Branch

Legalise Party Western Australia

Legalise Party Western Australia | Facebook Group

Nicola Johnson: Legalise Cannabis Australia – Senate Candidate for WA | Facebook

Aaron Peet Legalise Cannabis Party Federal Senate Candidate for WA | Facebook

Western Australia Industrial Hemp Scheme

A person wishing to participate in the industrial hemp industry in Western Australia needs to apply for a licence usually valid for three years and will be scrutinised to ensure that they are suitable and eligible to participate in the industry.

Industrial hemp (Cannabis sativa) is a potentially important crop for Western Australia. Fibre can be extracted from the stem or oil from the seeds. Items manufactured from hemp include textiles, paper, rope, fuel, oil, stockfeed and medicine.

Medical Laws

The Medicines and Poisons Regulation Branch of the Western Australian Department of Health provides advice, develops policy and administers regulatory controls.


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