law reform

Rebuild Trust with Law Reform

Simple Cannabis law reforms will relieve pressure on our criminal justice system, prisons, courts and administration, legal aid, non government organisations and may help in rebuilding trust between police, community and especially, the younger generations.

The Legalise Party believes Cannabis law reforms will enable the reallocation of police resources to focus on ever increasing organised criminal drug importations, more important crime and providing genuine assistance to victims of crime.


Enforcing the prohibition on Cannabis has been a complete waste of time, money and resources. Australian police make over 71,000 Cannabis related arrests every year, well over 1,000 a week! That’s an awful lot of policing going to waste and it surely does bring about disrespect for other laws and erodes mutual respect within communities.

In jurisdictions in the United States, Canada and The Netherlands, where Cannabis laws have been relaxed, positive social outcomes have resulted in significant decreases in alcohol related crime, anti-social behaviours, road traffic incidents, domestic violence, mental health issues, theft and robberies, police corruption and vomit on the streets.

Such a useless war against a natural and relatively harmless herb is costing society dearly. The ‘war’ is a huge waste of people, resources and capital. The hypocrisy and lack of integrity with our Cannabis laws are obvious to young people when they experience Cannabis first hand. Sadly, this brings about a general disrespect for drug laws, social laws and authority in general. This is no doubt reflected in the lack of harmony within our society today.

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